Accessible Travel Online

At 7pm on the Friday evening of #lcil24, we skyped the CEO of Accessible Travel Online, Marlies van Sint Annaland.


Accessible Travel Online highly respects the independent traveller, who is dependent on a wheelchair, but basically has the same dreams and ambitions when it comes to exploring the world.


At ATO you find links to hotel websites anywhere in the world. And we guarantee accessibility is in order. We have tested it ourselves, or so did the local travel agencies, specialised in accessible tourism, our partners worldwide.

Accessibility is about such a variety of factors that you can never be conclusive. However, you can do all you can to increase the accessibility standards to the highest level possible to be of service to as many people as possible. On the other end you can start to make sure a minimum level of accessibility is ensured.


Accessibility can be very personal, just like your preferred taste. We don’t define that for you. But when safety and independence is guaranteed, we do business with you.

Check out their website:


Leicester College media student Duncan supported the skype call to Marlies.

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